Prepare For Your Best Year Ever!
Learn from America's Top Real Estate Experts at this World Class - 100% Free
- 100% Online Event!
Prepare For Your Best Year Ever!
Learn from America's Top Real Estate Experts at this World Class - 100% Free
- 100% Online Event!
Let's Make the Year Ahead Your BEST YEAR EVER... By
Learning Now From the BEST of the BEST!

Join Mike Hambright, 10 of America's Top Real Estate 
Experts, and 1000 + Investors Live!!!

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Dominate Lead Generation and Conversion
Learn what's working now, and focus your efforts

Todd Swaggerty

The New Rules of Direct Mail

Todd is the nation's leading expert on direct mail for real estate investors, sending millions of pieces of mail per month. Despite the fake news, Direct Mail is NOT dead!

Jesse Burrell

Data is King

The 'shotgun' approach to marketing doesn't work anymore. Data is King, and the more you know about your prospects, the more you can target your marketing to those most ready to sell now.

Aaron Pimpis

SMS Marketing Best Practices

SMS (text message) marketing has exploded on the scene as the most cost effective and direct way to reach your prospective sellers, but there's an art and science to doing it right!

Adrian Nez

Dominate with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Tips, tricks and tactics on how to systematically start optimizing your website for motivated seller leads.

John Martinez

New Age Selling Strategies

Learn what's working now in sales strategies to help your team close more, and more profitable deals.

Improve Your Business Operations and Design
Your Life
Let's improve your systems and processes, and help you build a business that
supports your life!

Donald Ross

Dramatic Growth Through Business Systems

Learn how systems and processes can allow you to dramatically improve your productivity in the year ahead, and do much of your work for you...while you sleep.

Gary Harper

Perfect Team Design

You can't build your dream without a team. Learn to delegate and elevate in your business so you (as business owner) can focus on using your time for what you're best at.

Jason Lewis

Business Growth Using Virtual Assistants

Learn how Jason operates a 7 figure + wholesaling business with a team of over 20 VA's, and how you can do it too.

Matt Andrews

Lifestyle Design for Real Estate Investors

Real estate investing isn't "the thing", it's "the thing that gets you the thing". How to build a business that supports the lifestyle you want to live.

Trevor Mauch

Content Creation Domination

The 20 min per week process to build local Authority with content to stand out and close more deals in your business.

Together We're All Stronger!
Let's crush it, and Fight for Freedom in the Year Ahead!

- Mike Hambright

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Frequently asked questions:
Q: Where is the event hosted/held?
A: This event is 100% online! As soon as you register, you'll be given additional information on the agenda and where to go to watch the videos.
Q: Are the recordings available?
A: Yes! And...they're FREE! As soon as you register, we'll share how to get access to the free recordings, so you can watch as your leisure. They'll be available for up to 90 days after the event for your reference.
Q: Is this event really free?
A: Yep! We're going to deliver amazing value to help you start or improve your real estate investing business strong for the year ahead!
Q: Can I invite others to join?
A: Please do! The presentations will be streamed LIVE, and everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the speakers. The more folks watching live, the better the Q&A sessions will be!
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